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 “When considering creating a new website or revamping a pre-existing one there are two core aspects; Design and Development”

-Every logical Designer/Developer

Web Design

Web Design consist of solely the look and feel of your site i.e. what colors you use, the font family and type. User Interface and User Experience commonly referred to as UI and UX play a role into this as well with the planning of how the end user will be engaged with the site and the lasting impression it leaves on them. This phase is best to not be rushed as this is the face of your business.

At RMX Digital Studio we hold this in the highest regard as you should too, there is a science behind image placement, the use or overuse of interactivity and ease of use and navigation. In most cases website functionality is the same as baseball “1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, you’re out!”

RMX Digital Studio prides ourselves on affordable custom designs, nothing is worst than having your website look just like everyone else’s by using cheap production templates with no customization. Your business and or services aren’t like anyone else’s so why should your online presence be!

We use a extensive client interview process to get a high level understanding of your business, your customers, your goals, what devices they view your site on, your budget and your personal taste to aid us in the mock up process. This process does take longer than some production companies but it produces a higher quality end result that is guaranteed to impress.

Already have your own design, no problem we can build it for you just see our development section to your right.

Web Development

Web Development is often confused with Web Design and I am often asked what is the difference. Picture yourself building a house, more often then not the person who designed your house is not the person actually building it. Developers are the heavy lifters, the carpenters if you will, actually building the roof and walls of your website while the designer is just that, the designer.

Our developers stay current with all languages and web best practices that include but not limited to:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • SASS
  • LESS
  • JQuery
  • Javascript

RMX Digital Studio has developed sites in all major frameworks and CMS’s like Bootstrap and WordPress and even built our own custom grid systems with SUSY. You may not relate to some of this terminology but what it means to you is we can build any type of house you want from the ground up.


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