Mobile Apps


Mobile Applications

In the on demand age we are currently living in if you are running a service oriented business mobile apps is almost a must have. Customers are looking for convience and easy of access to information and as a business owner you are looking to maximize efficiencies wherever possible. You may already be using a service where your clients can go to your website a schedule a appointment for your service and I am willing to bet you pay a monthly fee for this service. What if you could pay a one time fee and own that service for life and have mobile apps for both IOS and Android platforms to go along with it, would that interest you?

RMX Digital Studio can provide just that. We do not develop games for smart phones, or mobile apps that will change people’s faces to make them look 50 years older, instead we focus on everyday mobile apps that can impact your customer’s experience and your bottom line.

How we offer this service at a reduced cost compared to what you would pay a mobile development firm is by utilizing the pre built frameworks we already developed for standard type of services and then just going in and customizing the application to match your specific needs and branding. This method gives us the ability to move to market quickly and never run past deadlines. Let us know what your applications needs are and let us show you how we can help.